what is biography in hindi

In the Western world, biography is a subject that is taught within the context of a college or university curriculum, but it is also a popular topic that is often discussed in print and in online forums for the layman.

The purpose of biography is to inform one’s readers about their history, and it is often a very interesting subject that is well-covered when it is told to students in their history classes. It is also the practice of many people to try to write down their personal biography in order to better understand how their lives have unfolded.

I don’t think I have ever met a person who did not have a biography. Whether or not that is good or bad depends on how one defines biography. If it is a history of the person, then it might be an interesting topic for a book. But if it is a personal profile, the book would seem to be just as interesting.

This is a common practice for people who need to describe their lives or who simply want to make a few extra bucks by writing a book. But is it really necessary? People who choose to write biographies, I mean. People who are proud of their life and want to make sure others know it. I would say that it’s a good strategy if the person doesn’t want to be recognized. But that is a matter of personal opinion.

Biography is a great way for people to get themselves on the web. Its the kind of thing that tells about their life. Because it is personal, you can use it to make money, by creating a book that has a personal touch. It is an interesting way to create a personal profile, and I think it is a good way for people to self-explain their lives.

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