12 January 1998

This is the day that we opened the doors of the first of our three stores.

This was the day that we sold our first store.

On that first day, we had only six salespeople (two for us, four for our distributors and two for our suppliers). The entire day we sold one person. And that was it. The whole time we only had one other person on the sales floor with us. We were going to be selling to a company called Pinnacle Capital. Pinnacle Capital was going to be buying our stock, and then they would buy the inventory out.

A lot of people thought we were crazy. But it’s hard to get people to buy a store if you don’t have a proven track record of success. We had a small team. We had limited product lines. We had to stay in the stores for a week and do as much as we could to make sure we were successful.

The sales floor was a big, bustling place. We had a lot of different products on the floor. Some people didn’t understand our business. But I can’t tell you how happy I was when we got the sales call. It was like the first day of school. We all just went to work, and it was sooo easy.

We did a lot of fun sales. Every Tuesday and Thursday we would go to a different part of a store and sell a product or two. We would spend the day in the store buying all the new products and seeing what else we could get out of it. We did a lot of product demos in the store. We would put a different product on the floor and get a sales call the next day and show it to the whole staff.

The way our team was built, we spent most of the day at our computers, going through product demos, watching videos, and talking about the new product. That was the best part of the day. We could go to the store and talk about it, and we could go and get a demo and get a sales call. We could compare and contrast and talk about it. We could go to our computers and talk about it. We did a lot of walking around the store.

We were all pretty excited to get a sales call. We weren’t really sure what they wanted to talk about. I was just excited to get a call from Bill. I was excited to talk about my favorite product. It was fun.

We werent really sure what they wanted to talk about either, but the sales calls always felt very interesting.

The sales calls were probably a little less interesting than many of us had hoped they would be. If you were looking for a sales call, you could do a lot worse than getting one from our first demo. It was nice to see the sales people actually talk with you, not just read your mind, which is probably what they have been doing all day.

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